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5 of the least expensive homes in Wallingford

Pick from a houseboat, condos, or houses

Via Keller Williams

Wallingford, a neighborhood with iconic views across Lake Union to Seattle’s skyline. Here are five diverse offerings that are relatively inexpensive, with something for almost everyone.

Via Special Agents

The second smallest home profiled in our 10 smallest houses for sale in Seattle right now is 572 square-foot “La Dolce Vita“, a houseboat with one bedroom, one bathroom, and the excellent access to the water that a houseboat offers. A rooftop deck greatly expands the living space. $810 in monthly slip rent modifies the affordability of the $345,000 listing price. A fine and fully furnished interior makes moving in much easier.

Via Real Properties

For a different mix of list price versus monthly payments, try a condo like this two bedroom, one bathroom unit that has 757 square feet inside. The price is $399,950 with $397 monthly dues. That bit of extra room may not be on the water, but it’s conveniently situated along Stone Way, making commuting that much easier. It’s being sold as-is; inspections are always a good idea anyway.

Via Coldwell Banker

Combine area (854 square feet) by height (very tall ceilings) and get a lot of volume in this quiet, top-floor condo. The $450,000 home uses all of that for what must be a spacious one bedroom, one bathroom unit. Modern styling encourages minimalism, or doesn’t distract from whatever expressive art fills the space. Compared to the others, save a bit with monthly dues of $356.

Via Keller Williams

Go old school with a 1903 house with bay windows, fine woodwork, wainscoting, a clawfoot tub, and a fenced backyard. The tidy 870-square-foot space holds two bedrooms and one bathroom. Downstairs, the basement is 700 square feet. Outside, find a 5,201-square-foot lot with a bit of lawn and some well-established foliage. The price for this bit of history is $495,000.

Via Lake

Prepare for a jump because the next step up is to $849,950 for a two-bedroom, three-bathroom condo. The 1,269-square-foot unit sits atop the building, providing the bonus of a private rooftop deck. Proximity to the water means views out to the bridges, the lake, and, of course, Seattle. Gasworks fireworks are front and center without having to worry about parking and traffic. Expect lots of guests around Seattle’s celebrations.