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Bremerton’s Crayola House lives up to its playful name

Just imagine the stack of paint chips they went through

Via Windermere

Someone got to play with as many colors as they wanted. Crayola House in Bremerton probably has one of the tallest stacks of paint chips of any remodel. So many walls are splashed with different colors that the house would be worth a tour even if it was trapped in some dismal neighborhood. Instead, the windows pull in the natural beauty of Oyster Bay.

The combination commands a price of $1.18 million. That’s a lot of crayons.

The entry says it all. Red doors in a green wall with blue trim face yellow walls topped with blue walls at the top of a curved staircase. Nature is welcomed in through plenty of large windows downstairs and a set of solarium windows upstairs. The stairs even wrap around natural (unpainted!) wood column big enough to hold a closet. Check those paint chips for the more nuanced names for those bold reds, blues, greens, and yellows.

The style is almost modern, but with added lofts, niches, and recesses. Every edge in a wall or ceiling is an opportunity to change the character of a space. Bring art to display within the art that is the house.

One of the grander projects within 1986 house is the kitchen. A deep red polygon rises into the ceiling about the working part of the kitchen. High-end appliances sit ready in their stations, but subtly hide beneath covers to not distract from the fine cabinetry or the art glass serving counters.

The house’s core details: four bedrooms and bathrooms, including two master suites. With 4,339 square feet of space, there’s room for guests to roam on personal tours. Evidently, the house has hosted parties of over a hundred. It’s a good thing there’s a wine cellar to serve such crowds.

After wandering through the inside, people will want to visit the outside. The half-acre lot includes 74 feet of waterfront protected by a bulkhead. Because Oyster Bay is already relatively protected, the waters may be even more of a draw.

Inside or outside, there’s plenty to play with in the Crayola House. Remember, it’s nice to share. (It’s an excuse for parties.)