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A sleek, modern floating home on Portage Bay

Complete with walls of windows

Courtesy of Cooper Jacobs

Many floating homes are legacies—maybe getting full remodels here and there, but the landscape has largely stayed the same for decades. But this brand-new floating home, built by modern architecture firm Prentiss Balance Wickline, was built just this year.

While newer than many of its neighbors, it fits well into the floating home aesthetic, with warm, natural materials that give way to up-close lake views.

The lower floor is mainly home to bedrooms—including a master opening up to a small deck at the corner of the home.

But the views really start to come into play on the second floor, where the open living, dining, and kitchen area has an entire wall made up of a large, sliding-glass door, seamlessly bringing a wraparound deck into the concept for warmer days.

Even walls that aren’t treated to the deck feature large windows to soak in the lake view around the home.

An open staircase from the second-floor deck leads to a full rooftop deck with 360-degree views of Portage Bay.

The nitty-gritty: This home has three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms in 1,580 square feet of living space, not bad for on top of the lake.

Floating homes tend to be a little on the spendier side, and being brand-new luxury floaty compounds it; the asking price is $2 million.