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5 of the least expensive homes in Bellevue

A tour of midcentury period pieces from an earlier boom time

Via Keller Williams

How about the center of the Eastside? Bellevue is busy with homes, all priced at more than half a million dollars. Set the clocks back, though: Most of Bellevue’s least expensive listings are midcentury period pieces.

Via John L Scott

A classic split-level from 1961 is large enough for families, crowds, and roommates with five bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms fit into 2,320 square feet of space. Whether the label is vintage or retro, the kitchen has counters, cabinets, appliances, and a floor that could be period. Upgrades like the refrigerator and roof show that someone has been taking care of the place. Include the 8,712-square-foot lot for a price of $550,000.

Via Windermere

This 950-square-foot early midcentury from 1954 is almost small enough to be considered a tiny house in some neighborhoods. The three-bedroom, one-bathroom house takes up little of the 10,454 square-foot lot. A variegated brick facade makes the exterior distinctive. A large fenced backyard is quintessentially suburban. At $618,000, some will consider the minimalist interior and the large lawn outside as blank canvases.

Via John L Scott

Price reduced is a phrase that’s become uncommon in some neighborhoods. Here it means a $25K drop to $625,000 for a 1,180-square-foot house with three bedrooms and one and three quarter bathrooms on a quarter-acre lot. That’s enough room for a large and productive garden. The house was built in 1966, but has an updated kitchen and new roof.

Via Coldwell Banker

At slightly more, $629,000, is a three bedroom northwest contemporary from 1975 with three bathrooms. Less lot space, 4,312 square feet, probably means less maintenance, which can be its own kind of luxury. The tall roofline and ceilings open the formal spaces like the dining room. It all fits in 1,910 square feet, again potentially keeping the chore list short. A large covered deck moves the entertaining outdoors, even in the rain.

Via Keller Williams

Continuing with the Baby Boom midcentury theme is more evidence of Bellevue’s housing boom about sixty years ago. This split-level with a low-sloping roof was built in 1959. Now the three-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bathroom, 1,750-square-foot slice of the past is priced at $645,000. A large deck and fenced backyard fill out the 8,276 square foot lot. Just the thing for kids and pets and a bit of privacy. Barbeque?