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A perfectly-preserved Mercer Island midcentury asks $950K

Complete with four bedrooms and a bar

Courtesy of Sandy Nicholls/Windermere

Like many of the Eastside’s midcentury homes, this Mercer Island home from 1955, listed for $950,000, rests unassumingly in the natural landscape. Get a little closer and find that it’s carried that early-midcentury visual identity through more than six decades.

Ornamentation blends seamlessly into the home’s structure as room dividers and natural accents. In one of the prettier examples, the staircase that separates the main floor from the basement is lined by simple, earth-toned stained glass, a more elaborate version of the window against the front door.

Another standout: one side of the fireplace that separates the living and dining area is backed not by the usual textured-stone slab common in this era of eastside homes, but chevron-patterned wood slats. (The dining side still features a more standard design, with alternating-size bricks.)

Wood slats are a common theme. They serve to highlight some areas of the home, like the dining area, in the gently-sloping roof on the main floor.

As is common for the era, they also coat the sides of the walls in many cases—like both the workspace and bar in the party-central basement.

All prepped to house baby boom-era families, the home has a full four bedrooms, including one separated into two areas by a combination room divider and closet, and three and a quarter bathrooms.

The price, while nearly $1 million, is far less than one would expect on Mercer Island—perhaps a few needed upgrades are sprinkled among the well-preserved midcentury bones.