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A 1926 floating home with modern upgrades for $2.25 million

A classic floating home shape turns sleek

Matthew Gallant/ClarityNW

This Eastlake floating home blends cute and classic with modern, and at first glance, it almost looks like two houseboats. A smooth-finish L runs up the middle of a bright-yellow, wood-siding cottage with roof trellises.

The deck, which wraps from the dock all the way around the home, is wide enough to moor a sailboat.

Inside, the two styles converge into something like a luxury condo, only warmer thanks to wood-beam ceilings. The living room is kept bright by a vaulted ceiling lined with windows, and by a wide, wood-trim sliding glass door to the deck outside.

The living room is separated from a relatively large kitchen by a counter space and by a large pillar with a modern fireplace. A dining area forms organically in front.

Downstairs, choose from two bedrooms—they still have water views, since the water’s right outside. Or follow a custom spiral staircase up from the dining area to the master suite above.

Upstairs, the master bedroom is surrounded by water views—only interrupted by a small bathroom to one side. The view is most stunning, though, from the wide roof deck, separated from the bedroom by the same sliding-glass doors as below.

On the deck, there’s plenty of space for rooftop lounging, and even a small shed for stashing that furniture when the weather gets rougher.

Three whole bedrooms in a floating home, plus the luxury interiors and a spot on a co-op dock, add up to a very luxurious price: $2.25 million.

2339 Fairview Ave E

2339 Fairview Avenue East, , WA 98102