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Watch an escaped pig wander Interstate 5

This pig was headed for auction, but wasn’t having it

Via Washington State Patrol

A lot of stuff manages to get loose on I-5: Bees. Rising dough. Cabbages. And, at about 10 a.m. on Saturday morning: A pig.

The trailer was carrying the large pig to auction southbound on Interstate 5 around Federal Way when the swine made a daring escape, wandering around on the highway until passers-by managed to corral him to the other side of a concrete barrier.

The state patrol eventually showed up and put up a barricade, letting the pig walk around the shoulder at its leisure but keeping it on one side of the concrete divider, Washington State Department of Transportation traffic cameras show.

The owner took some time to return, but in the meantime, as KOMO and the Associated Press put it, the pig spent some time “munching contentedly on grass and watching cars.”

Highway cameras viewed shortly after the containment confirm just this: a large pig, seemingly content to just be anywhere but that trailer, even if it’s the side of a busy highway.

The pig appeared mostly uninjured, other than a few scrapes.

LIVE: Pig on the loose on I-5 near the Federal Way Weigh Station! Crews are working to get him safely off the shoulder

Posted by KIRO 7 News on Saturday, August 5, 2017

There’s a sad end to this story, though, at least for the pig. After about 45 minutes, owner showed back up to claim him—leaving the pig mostly right back where he started, except for that brief taste of freedom.