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Cozy little Orca houseboat asks $275K on Lake Union

Live small on the lake

Courtesy of Special Agents Realty

Houseboats can get pretty itty-bitty, but this one is even smaller than most: 212 square feet. The houseboat, called Orca, is moored on the north side of Lake Union—just northeast of Gas Works Park.

Don’t let the tiny size and price fool you: A close read on this listing puts this little houseboat a step above other houseboats in this price point. For example, a new steel hull means maintenance costs are much lower—and the interior makes efficient use of the square footage, including tidy wood-panel walls and built-in shelves. A recent remodel added bamboo flooring and custom cabinets. Both sides of the home—both the bedroom and the living room—open out to the water. For even more outdoor space, climb up to the roof.

2401 N Northlake Way Slip D-01 is listed for less than a lot of homes on the water: $275,000. Slip rent is $610 a month, which includes liveaboard fees. The main bummer here: No pets are allowed.

The kitchen has a surprising amount of space for such a small boat—and includes an oven, which is not always guaranteed.
A built-in breakfast bar is one of the home’s space-saving measures.
Built-in closet space and shelving help with the close quarters.
The interior of a houseboat. There is a patterned rug on the floor. The walls are wooden. There are multiple windows looking out at a boat marina.
The built-in bed can rotate 90 degrees for your preferred bedroom configuration—and the bedroom window opens up to a smaller deck.
The bathroom is, typical for a houseboat, not huge—but it’s thoughtfully designed.
The larger of the two decks, the one from the living room, has a driftwood bench and a secured container garden.

Gas Works Park

2101 North Northlake Way, , WA 98103 Visit Website