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Port Townsend tiny house needs a home

The home’s eco-friendly quality is as impressive as the style

Via Tiny House Listings

With Seattle-area real estate prices, it can be a surprise to find a house for $99,900. It won’t be a surprise, and may be a treat, to find that house only has 420 square feet of space inside. The land, however, is not included—the biggest source of the savings.

Without a peek underneath, it could be hard to tell that this house is meant to be moved. Instead of a tiny house on wheels, it is a tiny house on skids. Not a bad choice, considering that most tiny houses only have to be moved a few times. Pick it up, strap it to a trailer, and take it to its new home. Let the wheels leave with the trailer.

The first hint of the style inside shows up at the double French door entry protected by a subtly arched awning. Inside, find a one-bedroom, one-bathroom space arranged like a studio. Pull the curtain aside to open the room and reveal a chandelier. Close the curtain for privacy and cocooning.

Step into the kitchen where simple, white cabinets and appliances are offset by tasteful tile backsplash and custom wood counters. Everything is within arms reach, making cooking efficient or at least convenient.

Rustic flooring matches well with a barn door style closure for the bathroom, and a similar facade for the closet.

Custom tile work fills the shower, including an nice accent stripe.

Just like with the skids, some of the features hide. There’s an attic, a rare addition to a tiny house. The shower and sinks drain to a greywater system. Insulation, the listing says, is “eco and human friendly.” Hurricane ties were used on every stud for strength in high winds, but also during earthquakes. The little unseen details may just be worth more than the already impressive and pleasant appeal.