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Here’s what Seattle did for Park(ing) Day 2017

Cakes, bikes, and see-saws

Courtesy of SDOT

Friday was Park(ing) Day in Seattle, which allowed citizens, businesses, and other groups to transform parking spots into activated spaces. It’s an opportunity not just to create some sweet hangout spaces, but to get really creative: past years have included bowling, ball pits, and even chickens.

This year, Park(ing) Day was part of the Seattle Design Festival, and everyone from small businesses to advocacy groups to design firms threw their hats in the ring. Or on the parking strip.

Here’s a selection of just a few out of 47 parklets that popped up all over the city last week.

A “pop-up bike lane” sprung up near Fremont.

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In Belltown, people raced tiny boats on a tiny Lake Union.

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Dahlia Bakery hosted a cake-decorating demonstration.

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In Ballard, people built community with screenprinting.

Frye Art Museum set up a mini printing press in First Hill.

At 23rd and Madison, Weisman Design Group set up a huge, modern see-saw...

... and tetherball.

Schemata Workshop hosted a community table where people sat and ate together.

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And the most popular option, as always: spaces to sit, relax, read, hang, and think.

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