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A tiny house compound lists at under $20K

Why try to keep it all under one roof?

Via Tiny Home Builders

Why buy one tiny house when a whole tiny compound is available for $18,500? A pair of tiny houses are up for sale, each with its own character and yet both with similar style.

The main building is angular thanks to a shed roof. Beside it sits a second building with a curved half-moon shape. Angles and curves don’t always meet, but here they share the same colors and galvanized metal trim. Similarities make them a pair. Differences set each apart. They’re also on skids—no wheels—so any orientation is possible.

Corrugated metal roofing material shows up in more than the roof. Inside and outside it shows up on the sides and on the top, sometimes for style, sometimes for service. Matched with burgundy outside and lime green inside, it becomes obvious this isn’t the typical wood-wood-and-more-wood tiny house.

A marvelously ornate Godin Petit wood stove decorates a corner while also heating the space. Every new house or remodel seems to include stainless steel. It’s here, too, in the polished steel chimney.

Someone had fun with materials, using mango and rubberwood for the kitchen counter and legs. Some of the other choices may not be as obvious, but they be more appreciated. Upcycled materials and zero V.O.C. paints were used. Healthy choices for the planet and people.

A loft in the shed building and a bedroom in the half-moon building make everything all together a two-bedroom home.

A separate yet similar building holds a shower with on demand hot water, and a ceramic toilet for a bathroom to serve both homes.

As for a kitchen, there’s a fridge and room for a cooktop, but the main cookplate is on the woodstove. Or, keep expanding that compound by adding an outdoor kitchen. Why try to keep it all inside?

All that’s needed is a compound-sized space to put it all. At least they’re tiny.