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Open thread: Tell us your best bus story

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We all have them

Sounder Bruce/Flickr

When you commute by bus, you, at least cumulatively, spend a lot of your time there. And while the more uneventful days mean a couple of chapters of a book, many crushed candies, or progress on a weekday crossword, a lot of life happens with that many people sharing a space.

As we wrap up Transportation Week, we want to hear your best public transit stories. Some jumping-off points:

  • Has a bus driver gone above and beyond for you?
  • Ever experience—or witness—a public transit meet-cute?
  • What was it like the first time you rode the bus?
  • Ever have to haul something unwieldy onto a bus? Did anyone help?
  • What’s the longest public transit trip you’ve ever taken?
  • Do you have a favorite or least favorite bus route?
  • Anything ever happen on a bus that you still can’t believe actually happened?

A whole lot happens when you’re on your way to somewhere. Tell all your best stories in the comments.