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5 of the least expensive homes in Bothell

Pick a county. Bothell straddles the border.

Via Keller Williams

Bothell sits in King and Snohomish Counties, yet another variable to consider when shopping for a home. The good news: there’s plenty to pick from.

Via Keller Williams

It may be the cheapest on the list, but that didn’t stop someone from creating an enclosed garden reserve that makes this $190,000 home distinctive. Add in the greenhouse on the 5,100-square-foot lot and get busy planting and weeding. Indoors, find two bedrooms and two bathrooms in 1,440 square feet. The house was built in 1973, so some updates are expected. Take a lot of “before” photos and dive into projects.

Via T Square

Empty houses with wooden floors can look like opportunities to leave a room as a dance floor. The rooms in this 1971 home will probably be smaller, though. It’s exactly the same size as the one above, 1,440 square feet, but includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The listing price includes the 4,329-square-foot lot that’s equipped with a carport. The price, $227,500, still fits in under a quarter of a million. Uncommon.


Thanks to a 6,969-square-foot lot, there’s enough room outside this 1,344-square-foot home for a hot tub, sitting area, and a fire pit. Nice to have for those who enjoy the outdoors. The main event is the two bedrooms and two bathrooms inside the 1971 home that’s equipped with all of the basics. They’re asking $287,000. It too, was built in 1971. Projects, updates, opportunities.

Via Keller Williams

One easy way to get around the need to update: Buy a house that’s already more up-to-date. 1989 isn’t exactly yesterday, but it looks like someone’s already installed new appliances and such along the way. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom house has 1,352 square feet inside and a 5,222 square-foot lot outside. A shed and a long carport help protect vehicles, tools, and toys. Combined, it’s priced at $289,950.


Another slightly more recent build is this two-bedroom, two-bathroom home from 1988. It’s about the same size as the others inside (1,536 square feet) and outside (6,098 square feet). The upside of its age is well-maintained and mature landscaping. At $360,000 it is the priciest of the five, but it is far below Bothell’s median of about $600K. One pretty big caveat: The package is only available to those over 55 years old.