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Classic cabin is wrapped in Gig Harbor waterfront

A little house surrounded by Horsehead Bay

Via Infinity

Waterfront is better when the water does more than border one side of the property. A little 664-square-foot cabin sits on a point in Horsehead Bay where the water wraps around the house, and the house gets views up and down the shore.

It’s a classic cabin: wood-paneling, a brick fireplace, period fixtures, and a prime location that was easier to get back when it was built in 1945. The cabin is one of the originals for the area. The best lots go first, and have the best chance at keeping their value because the views don’t change. Broad windows make sure those views and a constant reminder of place.

Inside, a basic kitchen has yet to be replaced with today’s ubiquitous stainless steel and granite, plus a bedroom and a bathroom. They provide the basics while creating a relaxing retreat.

The deck, with its steel-and-wire railings, may be a more recent addition. It nearly wraps around the house, just like the water, and expands the living space.

Beyond it, the lot offers even more places to sit or play between the house and the bulkhead. Eighty feet of shoreline is generous, but what’s even more generous is the lot size of more than two acres. That extra land helps explain the price tag of $675,000.

A traffic-free commute time to Tacoma of about a half an hour may be just the right balance between being in too close and out too far.