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This tiny house on wheels is shiny, eco-friendly, and $30K

Metal outside, bamboo inside, sheep wool in the walls

Via Tiny House Listings

The last time we checked in on the Shiny Tiny, it was listed for just under $40,000. Now it’s relisted with a $10,000 price cut.

The conversations will begin as soon as people see the house. Tiny houses start conversations even without seeing the house, but seeing the outside of this one will be enough to take it up a level.

Corrugated metal is used as practical, weather-resistant accent paneling in many modern homes. Here, the wavy, silvery surface covers all of the walls as well as the roof. The shed roof, and notches sliced out near the tongue of the trailer, give it an angular, almost sci-fi feel. Solar panels don’t hurt, either.

The interior is more familiar, and yet unique. Instead of metal, wood covers the walls and ceiling, but angled walls steer it away from the traditional box design. Bamboo floors complete the envelope.

It is listed as a one-bedroom home, but there are two king-sized lofts. One is high. One is low. The high one is reached by a ladder. The low one (probably the one that’ll be considered the main) is reached by stairs. Having them at two levels breaks up the space and provides options.

Want to fit in more folks or find a different way to relax? There are provisions for adding a hammock. Add up 140 square feet downstairs plus two 48-square-foot lofts to reach a tiny total of 236 square feet.

It’s no surprise that the kitchen is mini: a mini-fridge and two-burner cooktop. They thought the design through in ways that hint at other hidden considerations. The sinks drain to a greywater system. The fridge is installed into the wall in a way that lets the back exchange heat with the outside air.

It’s harder to see, but easy to appreciate that the materials they chose, from the metal to the bamboo to the lambs wool insulation, were picked to eliminate off-gases and allergens. Clean air may be the greatest luxury in the home.

Add in the bathroom equipped with a shower and a composting toilet and a rainwater catchment system for a $29,900 package that’s unique is more ways than just looks.

One last uncommon aspect: it is located on Lopez Island. If nothing else, that’s a great excuse to visit the San Juans.