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West Seattle Whole Foods is back on

The grocery chain is coming to the Junction... again

South Lake Union’s Whole Foods.

Whole Foods has been stringing West Seattle along for quite a while, but for now it seems that the grocery giant’s location in the neighborhood is back on again, West Seattle Blog reports.

Last we heard, after multiple delays, Whole Foods had postponed opening in the neighborhood indefinitely back in March. They had planned to open in the Whitaker, an apartment building in the Junction, leaving the building’s owners to scramble to find a new tenant.

As it turns out, they’ll be opening in the Whitaker after all, adding yet another grocery chain to a crowded area. Within a few blocks, there’s also a long-standing Safeway, plus a Trader Joe’s and a QFC.

We’ve been hearing about this incarnation of a West Seattle Whole Foods for literally half a decade, since 2012, although plans have been circulating to bring the chain to the area since at least 2008.

PSBJ reports that there’s no opening date set yet. Their last delay with a date attached put the opening at summer of 2018.

The news also comes a few months after Amazon announced it was buying the grocery retailer for $13.7 billion—which would eventually lead to cut prices at the notoriously-expensive chain, but has led to cutbacks in programs that allowed local retailers to showcase their goods.