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Funky take on an A-frame lists outside Leavenworth

Creekfront cabin halfway between skiing and shopping

Via Leavenworth Properties

It’s refreshing to see a fresh take on a roof shape. A-frames are popular in the mountains because they shed water and snow so well, but they can be a bit cramped, and trying to figure out how to fit furniture to the sloped walls is a challenge. Here’s one solution from 1970.

Make the walls a bit steeper, but kick them back in to keep the house from getting way too tall. Cap it all with narrow run of nearly-flat roofing. Ease the roofer’s task by cladding it in metal and create a winter-ready cabin. Plunk it down on a 0.43 acre lot halfway between Steven’s Pass and Leavenworth to create a place that’s as close to skiing as it is to shopping.

The layout is typical of A-frames: a great room downstairs with an end wall of nothing but windows. A wood stove is the backup for conventional forced air heating. There’s certainly enough supply in the neighborhood.

The kitchen is country conventional, a galley style flanked by relatively new appliances and cabinetry.

A long hall back leads to one of the two bedrooms and the bathroom. A semi-spiral staircase leads to a loft bedroom that’s large enough for four queen-sized beds. Handy for guests, or luxuriously roomy if furnished with only one mattress.

Total area inside is 1,098 square feet. That’s bigger than a tiny house, but small enough to keep the heating bills and maintenance lower.

When it isn’t snowing, which is due any day, sit or play outside on the decks and the lawn. The lot is touched by Nason Creek, a classic mountain stream tumbling over rocks and past trees. Good news: The house isn’t in the floodplain.

The package is listed for $319,000. See it before the snow falls and be ready for ski season.