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A hilltop tiny house enjoys acres and views

A tiny cabin on a big lot plus 360 views

Via Windermere

Travel to the east side of the Cascades for a hilltop property with views around the compass, over 5 acres of land, and like a cherry on top, a cabin.

Such a package can sound remote, isolated, and more than rustic, or it can describe a country estate with luxuries in the midst of wilderness. This is a unique mix of both.

Outside Cle Elum atop a local hill is a tiny house that enjoys those big views. It is a classic style with a great room below and a loft bedroom that’s reached by climbing a ladder. There aren’t details about the cabin in the listing yet, but having enough room for a conventional door and similarly-sized window suggest it is larger than tiny houses on wheels.

The location may be rustic, but the site has power and water to the property. That may not mean they reach the cabin, though.

In the cabin, heat comes from propane and electricity comes from solar panels. Tiny houses don’t need much of either, so the tank and the panels may be sufficient, especially if the cabin is a retreat instead of a residence. Another hint that the utilities don’t connect to the cabin is there’s no mention of evidence of a sink, shower, or toilet. There is, however, a frost-free spigot, so that’s a step in the right direction.

This kind of property appeals to people for the privacy, natural setting, and the chance to live a minimalist lifestyle. Innovative toilet options aren’t a hurdle. Cooking on a camp stove or installing a mini-kitchen are simple solutions. It may be fine as-is.

For others, the cabin is a construction shack, a place to live while waiting for the main, conventional house to be built. For $159,000 it’s possible to live on site, learn about the land, and decide how to live on it. That’s probably less than the cost of some escalation clauses in Seattle’s hot real estate market.