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A modern Heliotrope design for this Shark Reef home on Lopez Island

Minimalism and luxuries mix in a natural setting

Via Windermere

Shark Reef: a dramatic and beautiful bit of nature and a park on Lopez Island, and a neighbor to a stunning and modernistic home designed by Seattle architecture firm Heliotrope. Manage the $3.29 million list price and get to live in a unique home in a unique place.

The style is clean and simple. Why detract from the view? From atop the bluff, look across the water to San Juan Island, the Cattle Point Lighthouse, and sunsets. Five acres of landscaping and nature mix to create a setting that is organized and organic.

Everything is fairly new because the 3,926-square-foot house was built in 2011. Materials are the modern combination of wood, metal, and vinyl, choices that consider the marine climate and winter storms. Lots of windows are a natural. Connecting the two halves of the house by a wooden section that allows light and the views to flow all the way through adds drama.

At its heart, it’s a four-bedroom, four-bathroom home, though with finer fixtures and views than most.

Living spaces like the kitchen and living room are kept open, tall, and light. Minimalist decor provides just enough ornamentation to complement the setting.

Such an estate naturally includes lots of luxuries. Office space has almost become a necessity, but the customization is far nicer than just a place to set a laptop. A wine cellar and a sauna are natural additions.

Staying in shape is made comfortable and easy thanks to a gym and an indoor lap pool. Want to feel fresh air while swimming? Open the wall that is a garage door.

Check out the innovative mix of garage, lawn, and patio. Finally, a place to stop and smell the roses that may also be safe from deer who want to stop and nibble them.