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Block off a street for people—not cars—this summer

SDOT’s People Street program creates temporary open spaces

A barrier blocking off Pike Street during a People Street 2017 event.
Courtesy of SDOT

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT)’s People Street program temporarily blocks off stretches of road for pedestrians-only, allowing neighborhoods to create temporary public open spaces without cars in the way.

For its first three years, this program has been limited to Capitol Hill’s Pike/Pine area—but after that test round, the city is expanding the program citywide to neighborhoods that want to participate.

SDOT will be selecting up to three “community partners” to put together up to 10 programs. Applicants should be ready with a program description, outreach strategy, site plan, and event logistics, including any food service establishments that are interested in hosting outdoor cafés.

If selected, there’s no cost associated with putting on a People Street event.

A performance during a People Street event outside the Wild Rose.
A People Street event in August 2015.

In case you’re short on ideas: Street closures in the program’s previous years have ranged from pop-up markets to outdoor yoga. Quinn’s Pub threw together an outdoor cafe. Vermillion put on a fashion show.

Applications are due by March 2; application information is available on SDOT’s website.