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Amazon Spheres public visitor center opens January 30

The public can peek at the facility at the Understory


A unique project on Amazon’s downtown campus has garnered a lot of attention in recent years: the Spheres, or biospheres. Nestled between more traditional office towers, the glass domes certainly stand out—and leave many wondering how to get inside.

Officially set to be a part of Amazon’s Seattle offices, these massive, round greenhouses aren’t strictly open to the public. But in addition to an open-to-the-public bar and Italian restaurant run by local culinary darling Renee Erickson nestled within the project, there will be a visitor’s center, cheekily dubbed the Understory.

Named for the rainforest layer underneath the tree canopy, but above the floor—like in the real Amazon—the Understory is a free, by-appointment exhibit open to the public. A countdown clock on the Spheres’ website points to an opening date of Tuesday, January 30, just over a week away.

While a visit won’t get you into the whole facility—you’ll have to sign up for a full, 90-minute Amazon HQ tour for that—the Understory’s “The Spheres Discovery” exhibit promises a “fully immersive, 360-degree experience” of the Spheres.

The pair of rounded domes have been in the works for several years now, although the last year or so has consisted of building out the inside with plant life. When it opens, it will provide a biophilic wing to Amazon’s downtown campus.

Amazon Campus

333 Boren Avenue North, Seattle, WA