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New tool helps you keep track of all Seattle’s waterfront construction

What’s happening right now—and what’s happening in through 2023?


If you’ve been along Seattle’s waterfront lately, you know it’s a little torn up. Between the remodel of Coleman Dock and the brand new State Route 99 tunnel, there’s a lot going on—and it’s all part of a $688 million waterfront revitalization project that includes the recently opened Pike Place Marketfront.

It can be a lot to keep track of. So the group coordinating waterfront efforts, Seattle Office of the Waterfront, put together an interactive map of everything happening.

Users can sort out construction projects by both location and year. Looking at the current map, it focuses on seven main areas that are currently underway: connections that will eventually lead in and out of the SR 99 tunnel, the Washington State Ferries Coleman Dock remodel, staging areas for Alaskan Way Viaduct work, relocating electrical lines, Center City Connector Streetcar construction, rebuilding Pier 62, and work to turn Columbia Street into a two-way transit corridor.

In a “what’s ahead” view, though, the map points change based on what’s scheduled to be going on at that time. Hit “2023,” for example, and the map points to a much different set of projects, including the Seattle Aquarium’s “Ocean Pavilion” and completing a new waterfront promenade. Under “2019,” a long, green line marks the demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct.

The tool also provides a form to provide feedback on the projects.

The waterfront revitalization project has been underway for several years now. View the full list of projects on the Waterfront Seattle website.

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