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Whimsical Renton home has TARDIS in the bathroom

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The other bathroom is Studio Ghibli-themed

Courtesy of Marlow Harris

Listed for $469,000 in Renton, what looks like an unassuming midcentury basement rambler on the outside is hiding a whole lot of playfulness on the inside.

The current owners are, apparently, massive fans of Dr. Who, Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, and all kinds of other nerdy and fanciful delights, and coated their home to match.

The result is an eclectically decorated house, equally dominated by science fiction and fantasy elements. This starts on the far wall of the living room, where a stairwell is imagined as a dark, enchanted forest. The rest of the living room, with a view of a wooded area adjacent to a wood stove surrounded by brick, complements the descent nicely.

That staircase, which was inspired by the film Holy Motors, leads down to a colorful den, complete with a second fireplace. Like the rest of the home, it’s coated in whimsy and popular culture. But it’s the bathrooms where things get really specific.

One bathroom is a monument to Studio Ghibli. A fish-scale pattern on the walls is a backdrop to a portrait of Myazaki himself. No Face guards you while you shower. Shikigami, the paper bird-like creatures depicted in Spirited Away, cover the ceiling.

Totoro holds your grooming supplies or towels.

Another bathroom is a little more specific: It imagines taking the TARDIS to Sherlock Holmes’s study. [Editor’s note: This is sort of canon.] The door makes a perfect shape for the blue craft, and a damask wallpaper pattern makes a classic backdrop for framed Victorian portraits and scientific illustrations.

Even where decor doesn’t adhere to specific fandoms, rooms have an edge of science fiction. That includes the home’s whopping five bedrooms, which range from midcentury spaceship to off-grid cabin in decor.

The outdoor spaces haven’t been injected with extra whimsy, but they still help. A balcony and patio overlook a grassy yard with a shed, and the home is located across the street from triangular Philip Arnold Park.

Since the goodies are part of the home’s charm, the owners are willing to negotiate some knick knacks staying with the house.

But regardless, certainly enough is built-in to get you started. At least you’ll have the TARDIS.