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Seattle rent comparison: What $728 rents you right now

A one-bedroom in Algona or a studio in Everett?

Via Craigslist

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, where we explore what you can rent for a certain dollar amount in the Seattle area. We had to cast our net pretty wide to find six listings within $100 of today’s price: $728, or about as much as someone working full-time at Seattle’s minimum compensation of $14 an hour can pay without being rent burdened, assuming that money doesn’t go into other benefits.

Via Craigslist

In Kent, an itty-bitty house on a larger property is going for between $600 and $700 and has parking, but has strict quiet-time requirements and only half a bathroom. Laundry and a yard are shared with the main house.

Via Craigslist

This Everett studio doesn’t share any interior photos, but is just 282 square feet. It has a full bathroom, but just a kitchenette. Rent here is $700, but no pets are allowed and it’s a 20-minute walk just to get to the bus to Seattle.

Via the Alps

In the International District, this teeny-tiny studio longstanding efficiency apartment building The Alps rents for $705 per month. Based on previous listings for this building, we think it has its own bathroom—but the kitchen is just a sink, a mini-fridge, and a microwave.

Via Craigslist

In Ballard, we have a weird one: two bedrooms for $750 a month seems too good to be true. And it kind of is: it’s about to be torn down, so the lease is six months max, and it’s in rough shape with plywood floors and only a partial kitchen. Still, 1,380 square feet is more than one can usually get at this price point.

In Des Moines, this ground-floor, corner studio is going for $750. It has just 260 square feet of space and no laundry on-site at all, but has off-street parking and is near bus lines, and has more of a tiny kitchen than a kitchenette, plus a full bathroom. No pets.

Via Craigslist

In Algona—that’s near Auburn—this one-bedroom apartment in a six-plex rents for $745. It’s about a mile away from transit, but pets are negotiable. One weird feature: there’s a bathtub, but no shower.


Which $728 home would you rent?

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