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Western Washington cabins: The cheapest (and most expensive) areas to buy

San Juan cabins don’t come cheap

A cabin along Denny Creek.
Dan Lewis/Shutterstock

Whether Seattleites are enjoying cuddle-by-the-fire weather or daydreaming about summer right now, cabin ownership is a dream for many an outdoorsy citizen. But owning one house already seems so out-of-reach for many, much less a getaway spot.

Real estate listing site Estately looked at sales data for the past year and determined the cheapest—and most expensive—places in Western Washington to buy a cabin. The short version: Off-the-grid cabins are cheaper than cabins closer to the city. The denser the population around the cabin, the higher the price tended to be. So those looking for a cabin to escape reality are (mostly) in luck.

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive county for cabins is King County, with its close proximity to Seattle and Bellevue. The median cabin sale price over the past year was $420,000.

That’s followed closely by San Juan and Island counties, at $408,000 and $350,000, respectively. While some cabins in the San Juan Islands might meet that off-the-grid bill, the romanticized setting, the position in the Olympic Rain Shadow, and likely the ample boating opportunities keep prices high out there.

Courtesy of Estately

The lowest-cost options are, conveniently, right on the Pacific Ocean: Pacific County and Grays Harbor County, both home to some of our favorite beach towns. Pacific County, with a median sale price of $117,000, is home to Long Beach, Ocean Park, and Oysterville. Grays Harbor, at $140,000, is home to Grays Harbor itself, plus multiple rivers, lakes, and even some Olympic Mountains to retreat to.

Now as you stare out the window at the hustle and bustle of city life, daydreaming about getting away from it all, you at least know that daydream’s price tag.