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Condo carved from historic Victorian asks $515K

A Queen Anne without the royal price

A large victorian house in Washington. The house has a blue facade with a white frame and light colored roof. Clarity Northwest/Courtesy of Windermere

Way back at the turn of the 20th century, three Queen Anne Victorian houses were built on a plat of land formerly owned by Henry Yesler, now in the Central District. They survived nearly a century before being named Seattle landmarks in 1997, but at the time, they homes were vacant.

In 2003, the row of “Yesler Houses” were given a brand-new life as nine condominiums, making multiple homes where before there were only three—and making it a little less spendy to live in a grand, Victorian house with all the trimmings.

This one, unit 103-B, is in the house located right at the corner of 23rd Avenue and Yesler. That makes the most notable Victorian structure to contribute to the home, a bay window at the home’s corner, that much more pronounced, allowing plenty of light to flow into the living room. A second, less-pronounced bay window lights the kitchen, too.

The interior of a house. The floor is hardwood. There is a large white bookcase with various objects on the shelves. There is a wooden dresser and three large bay windows. Clarity Northwest/Courtesy of Windermere

The home has two decently-sized bedrooms, including a master with a walk-in closet, with millwork that at least nods back to the era, although some fixtures have been updated. The home’s one bathroom doesn’t look period (no clawfoot tub here), but the advantage of a more modern-day restroom is more generous counter space.

Split a Victorian with two neighbors for $515,000, plus $345 a month in HOA dues.