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This midcentury modern time capsule was built for a family of 11

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The eight-bedroom house near Lake City has original fixtures intact

Courtesy of Bushwick Real Estate

In Cedar Park, just east of Lake City, this massive, eight-bedroom home is a little bit of a fixer. But in this case, that’s more of a blessing than a curse—because it means many of this 1962 home’s original details are intact, from vintage technology to stickers left by the kids that grew up here.

The house’s original owner, Catherine Day, lived in the home until her death in 2015. The Day family opened the city’s first Hole-in-One Donuts franchise in Lake City back in the 1950s, eventually expanding out to Ocean Shores, a frequent site of family vacations. According to Day’s obituary, the house was home to not just her 11-member family, including her husband Steve and their nine children, but a revolving door of friends, dogs, and cats needing a place to stay.

The home has clearly been well-loved in its original form. A living and dining area was designed to host multiple gatherings at once, with room for a large dining table, a giant sectional, and a cozy conversation pit surrounding a fireplace. The swank original lighting fixtures and wood paneling with matching record cabinet have survived the last five-plus decades.

Courtesy of Bushwick Real Estate

Gatherings can also spill down into a den, complete with a pool table and two—count ‘em—of at least three bars in the house.

To squeeze in a baseball team’s worth of young ‘uns, bedrooms have plenty of closet space.

The backyard is built for recreation, too. The half-acre lot has a classic, kidney-shaped pool with a diving board, served by a poolhouse with its own outdoor bar and built-in stools. The grounds even include an old school tetherball pole (ball included!).

While there are a lot of vintage headlines here, a lot of the home’s time capsule charm is in the details, from original pendant lighting and bathroom fixtures to leftover tech like an intercom system and a still-functional dumbwaiter.

The asking price is $985,000.