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The fog has returned to Seattle—and to your Instagram

To be fair, we have the most picturesque fog

Dene’ Miles/

You can tell it’s fall in Seattle: The leaves are on the ground, we’ve finally been getting some rain, and the fog has returned. After a series of foggy mornings, the fog that rolled in on Monday morning stuck around all day, setting an eerie and uniquely Pacific Northwest mood.

Sure, it was kind of a pain. Road visibility was low well into the afternoon yesterday, and even into the evening, ferries were running as much as 40 minutes late. Because of an extra-foggy morning, flights were even delayed at Sea-Tac Airport.

But the fog sure is pretty—and absolutely Instagram-worthy, especially at higher elevations. We rounded up some of the prettiest, dramatic, or just haunting photos from inside (or above!) the clouds over the last couple of days. Happy October!

From below, a low fog can make the Space Needle look like a flying saucer.

But from inside the Space Needle, you’re literally above the clouds.

Where did the city go? All that new glass certainly helps the view, too.

The Needle isn’t the only iconic piece of Seattle architecture that looks good in the fog, though.

Pretty much all of it does, including the Great Wheel.

The Needle isn’t the only view.

Great, foggy views came to people in office towers, apartment buildings, and hillsides.

Fog looks great at sea level.

It might have been a pain to be on a ferry with low visibility—but it was pretty.

But the fog looks the spookiest in Seattle-area parks.

Green Lake was just a big, cloudy void.

Green Lake

, , WA

Space Needle

400 Broad Street, , WA 98109