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Bright, boxy floating home on Lake Union asks $1.03 million

It’s like a contemporary cake

Courtesy of Caitlin Rose Real Estate

When it comes to houseboats and floating homes, there are a few shapes that we’re used to: The vintage box. The modern box. The floating Craftsman and its cousin, the on-the-water cabin. But the 1970s gave us some serious contemporary experimentation, from a fairytale hobbit hole to this boxy wonder, floating just off Eastlake like a pastel sheet cake. Covered in blue, cedar-shake shingles, like the roof of a larger house, it certainly stands out from the floating home pack just at the exterior. But it has a few tricks inside, too.

The main area inside is a large great room, with a living room, a dining area, and a little office nook, accented by an exposed beam and anchored by a statement, iron fireplace. Hardwood floors cover the whole space and extend into the kitchen, tucked away in one corner (but still with plenty of counter space). The one bedroom in the house also benefits from the hardwoods, and has plenty of space to stretch out—even featuring a large closet.

And, of course, a floating home needs plenty of space for lounging lakeside—and in this case, it comes in the form of a wraparound deck. It ditches the railing around one cornerto create a perfect launching point for a paddleboard, rowboat, or kayak.

The home is listed for $1.03 million; homeowners’ dues, which can run a little high on the water, are $550 per month.