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Milton Stricker-designed townhouse listed for $655K in Columbia City

The Angeline Townhomes were designed by the Frank Lloyd Wright protégé

Estate Imaging Northwest/Courtesy of Berkshire Hathaway

Seattle may not have many Frank Lloyd Wright-designed homes, but he still left a pretty huge mark on our architecture through Milton Stricker, a Wright fellow and prolific home designer in the Northwest. Stricker joined Wright’s fellowship in 1951, and eventually became known geometrically-complex modern homes that, like the most beloved local architecture, hold space for the surrounding natural world.

But when we think of the site for a Stricker home, we typically think a larger, quiet, single-family lot near the water. For this one, Stricker went denser, with a three-bedroom townhouse—designed in 1979 and built in 1981 just as the townhouse was starting to emerge as an option in Seattle—a block from downtown Columbia City.

Maybe the most recognizable Stricker stamp on the design is a cathedral ceiling, a cap on a two-story window, creating a small atrium-like corner in the living area and providing light to upper lofts. While in much of the home it’s still the early 1980s in terms of carpet and finishes, we can keep going back to the windows to see Stricker’s work, like the slight bay in one bedroom window—nodding to the larger window out front—or the window-mounted breakfast bar in the kitchen facing a wide, rear balcony. Some of the motif continues into interior features, like a wood-slat divider between the kitchen and dining area.

And hey: The view’s still pretty big, peeking out over Lake Washington from the master bedroom. The home’s listed for $655,000; take a look below.

This article originally reported a $665,000 listing price when it is listed for $655,000. We regret the error.