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Contemporary home by Bob Aujla is a slice of the 1970s

This Broadview abode is built around views

Andrew Webb/Clarity NW

In Broadview looking over the Puget Sound, this 1970 home by Bob Aujla takes the best parts of its era and combines them into something both contemporary and cozy. Just on the other side of the Northwest’s midcentury building boom, this home bridges some of those design hallmarks into a contemporary look.

At the main entrance, the home has has a low profile, with earth tones surrounding a courtyard—the biggest sign of excess being stately double door. On the side facing the water, though, the house appears more geometric and grander in scale.

Natural and unassuming design muting down some fun, flashier choices continues inside. Warm, exposed-wood ceilings and walls fade in and out, sometimes appearing together—like in the entryway, framing a row of windows with a courtyard view.

In two sitting areas on the upper level, one off the main entrance and another one opposite the kitchen, wood-slat walls surround a postcard view of the Puget Sound. Exposed brick columns on the exterior are brought in like miniature accent walls, complementing cozy fireplaces in both spaces.

In the dining room, papered accent walls are grounded by the exposed-wood look—again, opposite that big, water view.

A master suite on the upper level continues the views and the wood-heavy design, including a sauna off the master bath.

While this whole upper floor is designed around views, it’s especially prominent from the west-facing decks wrapping around both west corners of the house. Railings double as benches for outdoor gatherings.

Even the lower level gets a peek at the Sound. A den rearranges the design elements from upstairs into another seating area, this one looking out over a patio—but still with a fireplace.

An office or library, plus the rest of the home’s bedrooms, also benefit from that natural light.

Thanks to the bluff, even the back patio gets treated to the view.

The views alone—not to mention the architectural prestige and a whole five bedrooms—factor into a listing price of $1.95 million.