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Ballard cottage renovated by Melrose Place’s Josie Bissett listed for $799K

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From fashion tips to home flips

Paul Gjording/I Shoot Houses

Josie Bissett is best-known for playing Jane Mancini (or Andrews, or McBride) on the 1990s soap Melrose Place. But now she has a new gig: renovating houses with her new husband, Tom Doig of TRD Construction. Bissett does the design and finishes; Doig does the building.

The couple’s first project together is a 1937 Cape Cod-inspired cottage in Whittier Heights—previously in rough shape, but currently on the market for $799,000.

This is a six-month flip, but listing agent Lauri Carter tells Curbed Seattle that the couple isn’t “interested in doing mediocre or shoddy flips... they want to do things correctly and with an eye for design.”

Let’s see how it worked out.

In the living room, the shape of the original, classic fireplace was maintained, but replaced with white brick. Windows were expanded to draw in more light, and a stained parquet floor was replaced with a deep hardwood. The home’s original cove ceiling stuck around.

Like with so many home renovations, separate rooms turned into an open concept, with a bar separating the living area—but the kitchen is still pretty huge. Off to the side, a dining area is tucked into a nook surrounded by windows.

The home’s two original bedrooms were brightened up, with new flooring and finishes—and ditching popcorn ceilings.

What was previously an unfinished basement is now a den, plus an additional bedroom and three-quarter bath.

While the basic bones of the backyard are largely unchanged, its lawn is much greener than it was before—and the one-car garage is in better repair.

Carter tells us that Bissett and Doig plan to do three or four of these projects each year.