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Maple Leaf midcentury has a cute little studio in the back

This well-maintained little two-bedroom maintains a 1951 design—with a couple of extras

Tucker English, courtesy of Andrew Mellon

Tucked away in Maple Leaf just a block north of Maple Leaf Reservoir Park, this little midcentury modern home is pretty straightforward: two bedrooms and one bathroom in 890 square feet. But it has an extra special touch in the backyard.

In the main house, classic details are well maintained, from the oak hardwood floors to a stately, white-painted brick fireplace.

Behind an open living and dining room, a separate, eat-in kitchen has both room for an eating nook and a breakfast bar in the back—and a door to the backyard integrates indoor cooking supplies with outdoor barbecues.

The fenced backyard contains not just a stone patio, but a wide, wooden deck leading directly to the little studio through French doors. Inside, exposed wood walls, hardwood floors, and vaulted ceilings let the studio’s construction serve as decor, too—and open it up to a wide variety of uses. Power runs back here, too.

In the front yard, there’s a more traditional lawn, bounded by plantings and a fence for privacy.

Two bedrooms in the main house keep the same straightforward, modern design as the rest of the house, including the hardwoods.

The home is listed for $599,000.