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Remodeled Rainier Beach bungalow is a colorful ray of sunshine

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A sun motif outside, multiple sunrooms inside

Courtesy of WIndermere

In Rainier Beach, just a few blocks from the actual beach of Lake Washington, this three-bedroom craftsman is sunny both figuratively and literally: colorful interiors and a sunburst design in the eaves keep the home colorful and bright, and four decks and an orchard provide ample opportunity for soaking up the actual sunshine.

Even starting at the home’s entrance, a covered front porch is lidded by a vaulted skylight.

In the living room, huge sliding-glass doors lead to one of the home’s decks in addition to bringing natural light inside. Even if it’s not bright outside, the inside makes up for it with a vaulted ceiling lined with colorful paint and wallpaper—and a brick fireplace is ready for cozy, rainy days.

A bright, but more straightforward, dining room provides plenty of room for a dinner party, and is connected to the kitchen over a breakfast bar. Sliding glass doors lead to another deck for barbecues or just bringing a meal outside.

A solarium could double as a greenhouse—or just a reading room for the outdoor experience during all seasons.

The master bedroom, with a colorful paint job of its own, has its own sunroom, containing plenty of windows and an additional closet. The main floor also boasts a second bedroom, with corner windows and gold crown moulding.

On the lower level, the decor is a little more muted—but large windows still look out over the water. This floor has another fireplace, its own outside entrance, its own kitchen, and another bedroom for a full mother-in-law apartment.

There is one way the lower level upstages the main floor, though: a palm tree mosaic in the bathroom. Although the main floor’s restroom isn’t exactly plain, with a wave-shaped stone design cutting across the bath tile and not an inch of vinyl in sight.

The lower deck leads out onto a back patio, high up enough to get its own water views. The yard has a little bit of everything: space to lounge, places to garden, and fruit trees.

This home is listed for $679,000.

(h/t Estately)