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‘Levitating Lighthouse’ treehouse along Magnolia beachfront asks $109K

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This house, built in 2014 for the Animal Planet series Treehouse Masters, is ready for a new owner

“Levitating Lighthouse” was featured on the Animal Planet series Treehouse Masters in 2014.

Is it a treehouse? Is it a lighthouse? It’s a lighthouse-shaped treehouse built by Pete Nelson, treehouse builder and host of Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters. Jutting out from Magnolia Bluff, the home is supported by four cottonwood trees.

For a little while last year, it looked like this house’s days were numbered; after its 15 minutes of fame on Treehouse Masters, the city sued the property owner, demanding he bring the structure up to code or tear it down. Apparently, those issues were resolved, because it’s back on the market for $109,000

While that’s much, much less than the typical house for sale in Seattle, especially in upscale Magnolia, keep in mind that this isn’t strictly a home in the legal, building-code sense of the word. It’s positioned over a rocky Elliott Bay beach, a quarter-mile from the nearest road, and has no electricity—which could be part of the appeal for some—no heat, and no bathroom.

Courtesy of Windermere

What it does have is its own catchment and filtration system that converts rainwater into potable water, a kitchenette, and a dome-shaped bedroom that can fit a queen-size bed. Above the bed is the home’s peak, and the window-lined alcove with a light that gives the full illusion of a functional lighthouse.

Things could be looking up for this parcel of land. While it sits along the site of a catastrophic landslide from the ’90s, adjacent parcels of land are going up for sale—and it’s possible that someday a real road will run past it.

This article has been updated to reflect a decreased listing price for the lighthouse.

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