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Nab a mailbox from the original ‘Twin Peaks’ series

As part of a fundraiser, station Hollow Earth Radio will fill it up with zines and other goodies for you

Courtesy of Showtime

Attention, Seattle fans of both indie radio stations and the original, 1990s Twin Peaks series: Hollow Earth Radio has gotten its mitts on the mail station used in the set for the Great Northern Hotel, most clearly visible in these set photos by a series production designer. The station will be doling out keys to the 114 mailboxes as part of a drive for sustaining members.

Hollow Earth has been streaming online for years out of its Central District studio, but recently got call letters and a frequency: KHUH and 104.9 FM. With the added responsibility, the station is raising some money toward keeping programming afloat while running a newly minuted FM station.

Astute readers may notice that there are no doors on the mailboxes to lock, but the corresponding keys are more symbolic. A Great Northern Hotel keychain will have a number corresponding to a box, indicating ownership of the little piece of the Twin Peaks setpiece. The box, which they’re calling “MeetMail,” can receive mail sent care of Hollow Earth, or anything else the staff decides to put in there.

Periodically, Hollow Earth Radio staff will fill the box with stuff like zines, tapes, and random weirdo finds from Goodwill Outlet: “MeetMail will be one part White Elephant Gift Exchange, one part middle-school locker, and one part a complete replacement for your boring old email address that never has anything good in it any damn way,” reads a message on a fundraising page.

Courtesy of Hollow Earth Radio

The mailbox console is pretty large and cumbersome, and had been languishing next door at 20/20 Cycles for quite some time before getting handed over to Hollow Earth.

Boxes are available to sustaining members who pledge at least $20 per month.