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This school bus turned motor home is for sale for $35K

The skoolie is 195 square feet—but still has enough room for a king-size bed

Courtesy of Catherine Burke

Typically, the process for converting an ordinary school bus into a tiny living situation involves finding a school bus, then gutting it and remodeling it into a more hospitable “skoolie.” In this case, someone already did a lot of the work already in a 2014 remodel of a 1981 International S Series bus into a motor home.

Currently, the bus is plumbed and wired to a house, where it’s functionally an ADU—but the work of adding all the necessary homey elements has been done, with a small kitchen, a bathroom, plenty of outlets, an itty-bitty propane fireplace, and framed doors and windows more common to a house than a bus. Wood paneling has been added to the walls and the 7-foot ceiling for a warmer feel.

The bathroom features a 36-inch shower stall and even a flush toilet.

The rear of the bus makes for a makeshift bedroom, with enough room for a king-size bed for those willing to sacrifice the space for one. A wardrobe can fit comfortably in here, too.

While the windows have been redone throughout most of the bus, the original rear emergency exit and windows are intact.

While it’s attached to a house right now, that hardware is removable—and the engine, according to the current owner, is still functional. The bus has new tires and a back-up camera, too, and while the driver’s seat isn’t currently installed, it’s in storage and at the ready, if you know how to drive manual.

The bus is for sale for $35,000.