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‘Akvavit’ houseboat makes no compromises

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This home on the water has plenty of amenities—and wiggle room

Courtesy of Special Agents Realty

Living in a houseboat can mean some quirky, tiny accommodations—and creative solutions. But sometimes, a houseboat fits in all the comforts of a landlocked apartment with the fun locale of a boat.

Akvavit is one of those boats. The vessel, named for the herbal Scandinavian spirit, fits plenty of convenience, not to mention space to stretch out, into 720 square feet.

A set of French doors leads into the main living area, with enough room for a couch, a few bookshelves, and a large TV. It’s visually separated from the kitchen by the home’s bathroom, which contains a set of stacked laundry machines.

In the back, the kitchen is huge for a houseboat, with plenty of counter space and more than full-size appliances—a two-door refrigerator, a five-burner gas range, a convection microwave, and a 144-bottle wine cooler.

Up a spiral staircase from the living room, an ample second floor makes space for a large bed and a den or office area.

Just outside, a large deck has a few upgrades from the traditional second-floor houseboat deck, with a gas fire pit and a steel trellis.

The steel-hulled home is listed for $575,000. $653 a month for the moorage just off Westlake includes utilities.