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Artsy Whidbey Island compound listed for $510K

This home is built for the outdoors

Kim Tinuviel

On Whidbey Island, this five-acre compound has a much different layout than one would expect from what’s technically a two-bedroom home: three buildings, connected by an expansive outdoor deck. Two of the buildings are larger, and more house-like. A smaller one off to the side serves as a little shop.

All together, they’re listed for $510,000.

Because of the way the homes are separated—by decks and wooden walkways—the outdoor space becomes as important as the indoor. It’s meticulously-designed, with little built-in nooks and benches. A trellised cubby next to one of the buildings holds a small hot tub.

Inside, the homes stay quirky, letting the ceiling shapes tower over the one-story layouts. Each of the larger homes has its own kitchen and bedroom with en-suite bath, painted in bright colors and featuring built-in details like window benches—all with windows that take in the wooded surroundings.

The smaller, 200-square-foot shop is unfinished—but gets electricity.

Other amenities that focus on the outdoor life include a fire pit, a gazebo, and five acres of property, all about a 10-minute drive from the ferry dock.

This home has been relisted since this article’s original publication. It has been updated to reflect a new listing price.