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This historic Pine Street Cottage is itty-bitty and $425K

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This 420-square-foot craftsman is part of a 1916 “bungalow court”

Courtesy of Matt Miner

Around a century ago, real estate investor Ralph Hammock built a bungalow court—10 tiny craftsman cottages facing a central courtyard. It’s a form of multifamily housing that’s more dense than a single-family home, but shorter, and more quaint, than a traditional apartment tower.

In 1990, the Pine Street Cottages went condo, giving these itty-bitty houses most of the advantages of single-family homeownership—but with the shared resources and smaller size of a traditional condominium. The homes are located in the one, tiny pocket of the city, near Miller Park on the border of the Central Area and Capitol Hill, that’s already zoned residential small lot, or RSL. It allows for a kind of quaint density that is slated to hit more single-family neighborhoods with upcoming citywide rezones.

One of those houses, a 420-square-foot bungalow, is on the market.

The little house is a classic craftsman like you’d expect in a Seattle single-family neighborhood, but in miniature—a little front stoop, a small garden plot in the front yard, and a trellised porch spanning the entire back side of the house.

Inside, a lofted ceiling with rafters caps the living room, lit by large front windows and a skylight above.

Tucked into the ceiling’s peak is a loft with a cozy attic feel, perfect for either a guestroom or a little library.

Under the loft, an eat-in kitchen saves space—and opens to the back porch for dining alfresco.

The little house even manages to fit in a decently sized bedroom, featuring the same lofted ceiling above and hardwood floors below.

Located just off the bedroom, a full bathroom doesn’t make any compromises for space.

In lieu of a backyard, the 10 cottages share a small lawn and patio space, bounded by a cute wooden fence.

The home is listed for $425,000, plus $350 per month in HOA dues, and comes with parking for one car.