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‘Rutabaga’ houseboat is a whimsical, Westlake classic for $425K

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This little boat makes great use of 475 square feet

Grant Birkinbine

Docked just off Westlake Avenue, this houseboat, named Rutabaga, has a classic, two-story houseboat design—but a 2013 remodel gave it an offbeat, whimsical vibe.

Like its neighbor, Turnip, Rutabaga has spent quite some time as a vacation rental before heading to the market. But unlike little Turnip, Rutabaga offers some extra space to stretch out—and privacy.

The entrance to the living room is through a squat little door from a deck with a wrought-iron railing—although a tall, skinny door will take you in through the kitchen, depending on which configuration is more comfortable for you.

Once inside, a cozy living room, topped by a curved, wooden ceiling, cuddles up by a small wood stove. A small, collapsible dining table offers eating space for two.

The kitchen, while offering more counter space than one might expect in a 475-square-foot-home, is still scaled small, with a smaller refrigerator and gas stove.

A small bathroom off the kitchen has at least the basics covered. A small, stacked washer and dryer means not having to disembark on laundry day.

Upstairs, the bedroom’s French doors let plenty of sunlight in—and lead to a cute deck looking out over the water.

The Rutabaga can be your own little root vegetable for $425,000, plus $1,050 a month for the slip.

1818 Westlake Ave N

1818 Westlake Avenue North, , WA 98109