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Lakefront compound on former Renton sawmill site listed for $12.5M

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Eagle Cove comes with three modern houses and one vintage cottage

Courtesy of Wes Jones & Associates

Neighboring the Seahawks practice facility in Renton, a long stretch of waterfront property is listed for sale—and it comes with four whole homes, or five if you include a house for a yacht. The property was originally home to Barbee Mill, the namesake of a luxury housing community on the northern end of former sawmill. The Cugini family, who had operated the mill since the 1940s, didn’t give up the southern part, though, and set out building (and in one case, renovating) homes on the land. Now they’re all for sale, with the option to buy as one big property—so someone with $12.5 million to burn could just start their own village.

The one older home on the property was originally the home of the sawmill watchman, and has a more classic cottage design. That and the boathouse with a retractable door and room for a 60-foot boat only come with the package deal.

Each of the others homes are modern, luxury houses designed by Baylis, each with its own identity. All three are massive, with rows of decks and huge windows facing the water, plus plenty of room to stretch out and stare at Lake Washington. They’re available in one go as part of the $12.5 million estate, but are all listed separately (but still expect a seven-figure price tag).

In one home, the “Eagle’s Landing,” rows of windows face west for sunsets, surrounded by modern features—like a simple pillar fireplace—that let the lake draw focus, even in the kitchen, the baths, and in the library. In the basement, there’s a massive wine cellar and tasting room.

This one is listed for $3.15 million.

The other two homes, “Eagle’s Perch” and “Eagle’s Cay,” are listed for $2.2 million and $1.9 million, respectively. Opposite the boat house, docks provide plenty of space for securing smaller craft.

Other amenities: being within earshot of Seahawks practice, and regular actual eagle visitors that perch atop a lakefront pole.

The whole property was originally listed for $16 million in May, but dropped to $14 million in August and $12.5 million in November.

This article has been updated to reflect a new price for the compound and separate listings for the homes.