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Space Needle introduces glass benches for floating over the Seattle skyline

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The ‘skyrisers’ are designed for the perfect photo op

Two visitors strike a pose in front of the Space Needle’s new glass walls on the observation deck.
Courtesy of the Space Needle

The Space Needle has been undergoing a massive renovation over the past year or so, switching up a dated design for a sleeker look with bigger views. Now that the Needle’s wraps are off, visitors can take advantage of some of the landmark’s new features—including 11-foot-high glass walls on the newly redone observation deck.

Thursday, the Space Needle introduced a new feature, one of the biggest reveals since remodeling began: glass benches inclining toward the walls, taking advantage of a new, fuller view. 10 are ready for the public, with another 14 undergoing a curing process. Around 80 percent of the observation level will be done by Memorial Day weekend, according to a Space Needle media release.

Previously, the Space Needle’s observation deck had caging and a metal base, partially obscuring the view. The open space gives the illusion of flying over and becoming a part of the view instead of just observing it.

The Space Needle’s old look and a rendering of the new observation deck.
Courtesy of the Space Needle and Olson Kundig

The benches that are ready for the public tower 520 feet over Lake Union.

A couple takes a selfie on a newly installed glass bench on the Space Needle observation deck.
Courtesy of the Space Needle

By the Fourth of July, both newly remodeled levels will be open to the public, including a rotating glass floor. The new design also includes improved accessibility and crowd movement, with an ADA lift, double-sized doors, and wide stairways.

The two-floor remodel is part of the “Century Project,” a larger, multi-year effort to highlight the structure of the Needle and get closer to the original vision from its concept sketches.

Space Needle

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