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Former fishing cottage for sale in Ballard is just 370 square feet

It’s an itty-bitty, shingled wonder

Courtesy of Michael Harris/Windermere

When we think of tiny living in Seattle, we often think of micro-apartments or maybe a backyard cottage—not a single-family home. This itty-bitty house in Ballard, originally built as a fisherman’s shack in 1923, is just 370 square feet, with just enough room for the essentials. And it’s not just the size of the house that’s cute; standard small-space solutions from the era provide adorable function, keeping the home comfortable and well-organized.

The home’s nautical roots are apparent from the outside, with a singled exterior and bay window.

Inside, that bay window contains a window bench that doubles as storage, and a painted, slightly vaulted, exposed-beam ceiling. The living area and the bedroom are one, compact space, with a nook and closet to designate a sleeping area.

A dining area maintains some separation from the living and sleeping room, and leads into an itty-bitty kitchen.

The full bathroom has enough room for a clawfoot tub.

Outside, a large patio and small lawn are easy to maintain, and the garage is more than half the side of the house. To put a cherry on the adorable cake, the whole thing is surrounded by a white picket fence.

The $440,000 listing price comes in at nearly $1,200 a square foot—but at just a little more than half the current median sale price for Seattle single-family homes.