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House-sized boat on Lake Union listed for $1.19 million

This houseboat is bigger than many—but keeps its nautical roots

Courtesy of Cooper Jacobs

Often, we expect houseboats to come along with some small-space compromises, sacrificing some room to stretch out for cute interiors and an up-close water view. But “Limbo,” a houseboat floating on Lake Union just off Eastlake, is not one of those boats, with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and 1,650 square feet inside.

While this means a lot more conveniences—an oversized fridge, privacy for residents, a living room and a den—it doesn’t mean that this vessel hides its boatiness. Large, rounded marine windows let the light in, sometimes at tilted angles. The boat’s helm stays out in the open, ready for adventures, just around the corner from the den and a built-in office space.

There’s even the occasional porthole.

A smaller—but still big for a boat—living area and a kitchen in an open-concept layout give plenty of space to either cook or lounge around a fireplace, but still has small-space solutions like an embedded wine rack. In another extremely boaty move, a bathroom is hidden down a staircase embedded in the counter.

The home’s bedrooms aren’t the biggest—there are, after all, three of them—but provide plenty of built-in features to save space.

One could live their entire life just as easily completely in the outdoors as indoors, with three levels of decks that start with utilitarian space on the first level (complete with davits and a dinghy!), then move upwards with a cover-able deck off the second-floor den and another, wider space off the helm.

A spiral staircase leads up to the roof deck, complete with built-in features like a hot tub, a dining booth, and a seated bar with a view of the lake.

The home is listed for $1.19 million, but it’s not just the boat—the dock space is owned. with dues coming out to $346 per month.