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Tiny Lake Union houseboat is just 200 square feet and $75K

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Its name is Vittoria

Robert Brittingham/Courtesy of Windermere Real Estate

You didn’t need all that extra space, right? Docked on Lake Union just off Westlake Avenue N, Vittoria is tiny, even for a houseboat. At just 200 square feet, it’s not going to provide as much space as even the typical condo. The trade-off, of course, is sitting on 580 acres of lake—and about as much space to bask in the outdoors as there is to cuddle up indoors.

Without a lot of space to work with, the interior is pretty straightforward: Two benches line both the port and starboard side. One, being a little longer, seems like the clear choice for a bed. It’s topped with the classic, bowed houseboat roofline. Just enough wood detail—stripes running down the roof and up the sides of the wall—give that super-nautical vibe. Large windows peer out over the lake.

Some houseboats, even itty-bitty ones, still have a small kitchen; this one makes do with a sink and a hot plate in one corner. There’s not much of a bathroom, but it’s there, complete with a small shower.

Outside, there are a few decks to choose from: there’s one on either side of the main cabin, one with a more conventional door and another with more of a large, sliding window. The back deck has cleats for tying up a kayak.

For more sun, head to the roof.

While it’s not the biggest place, the price is certainly right at $75,000. Slip rent isn’t too steep either: $290 a month, plus $100 a month for the liveaboard fee.