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Allrecipes founder lists Woodway home for $1.85 million

The custom-built home’s interior is inspired by the film Something’s Gotta Give

Courtesy of Windermere Real Estate

When Allrecipes founder and actor David Quinn and writer Hillary Quinn sat down to plan their dream home in the affluent, Edmonds-adjacent town of Woodway, they had a few requests: Every design choice must to be functional. Both of them needed office space. And for interior design, Hillary wanted to recreate the vibe of the Hamptons home from her favorite movie, 2003’s Something’s Gotta Give, starring Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson.

This choice was not made lightly. “She wanted to recreate that coastal cool in this new construction build,” the couple wrote to Curbed Seattle. “She did her homework. Not only looking up articles that were written about the movie set, but finding out who the set designer was (Beth Rubino) and listening to long podcasts in which the designer was interviewed about every design choice in the movie.”

The result in the 2005 home, said the couple, was “airy, white walls [and] dark floors,” plus “tons of creamy white pottery, [a] white brick fireplace, and touches of ocean color throughout the house.”

Outside, it certainly looks like a lot of suburban construction from the mid-2000s: massive, with a three-car garage and an odd collection of dormers—not especially like the classic Hamptons home. Inside, though, the couple’s design choices stand out more, with bright, white walls, cathedral ceilings, and large, sectioned windows.

Above the living room, a small, lofted library has a window bench for reading.

The house is full of fireplaces; on the ground floor, it has one in the main living area and another in a den or library. Upstairs, there’s one in the master bedroom. All together, the home has six bedrooms and four bathrooms—and there’s even more space outside on the .42-acre lot.

The house is listed for $1.85 million.