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Ralph Anderson home built for Jim Whittaker listed for $1.3 million

Two local legends combine for one incredible house

Courtesy of 360 Modern

Just a couple of blocks east of the water off West Seattle’s Beach Drive, Seattle architect Ralph Anderson built a house for mountaineering legend Jim Whittaker. Anderson was fully in his element here—many of his homes were built into West Seattle hillsides with water views. But you can also see the influence that Pacific Northwest mountains had on the home; while Anderson’s contemporary design appears sleek and simple, it’s accented by asymmetrical peaks and sharp stone.

The exterior exposed-wood siding has weathered since 1973 for a complex but neutral tone that blends with the trees around it. While, in classic Anderson style, the home looks unassuming upon approach, mountainous vibe starts to be apparent upon closer look, with roof peaks building on one another, gathering toward a central apex.

Inside, exposed cedar takes on a warmer tone. In the living room, the roof takes an oblong shape above floor-to-ceiling windows, and a fireplace almost looks ready for bouldering.

The ceiling climbs higher—two stories—in the dining room, taking in a tree-lined view of the Puget Sound. A window bench lines the window bank, which integrates two doors to a large, wooden deck with built-in benches.

Even the kitchen is lined in wood paneling. While this is far from a cabin, it certainly carries the influence of more woodsy accommodations.

Head upstairs for a lofted master suite below the home’s peak, which takes full advantage of the two-story windows in the dining room. The underside of the home’s gables are visible here, creating an airy feel. Sliding-glass doors on either side lead to balconies.

For those craving more privacy than a loft provides, another bedroom is set up on the main floor—and a family room, connected to a sauna, could turn into a third bedroom, although it currently serves as kind of a poolhouse.

Out on the deck, a pentagonal pool has its own water view.

The home is listed for $1.3 million.