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‘Forest Boat’ tiny house listed in Bellingham for $120K

This sustainable THOW is a community project

Courtesy of Stephanie Manzo

Currently up in Bellingham—but easily relocated thanks to its trailer foundation—this tiny home has been designed to be sustainable and uniquely Northwest. Its name, “Forest Boat,” is apt, with a nautical exterior ending in a bow-esque bay window. But its wood-grain exterior, made of local, sustainably harvested timber, gives it a kind of woodsy, fairy vibe.

Its connection to the forest doesn’t end with its look, though. Sustainable cedar board and batten siding blends with the local environment. Its green roof is made from 12 different varieties of seedum, a flowering leaf succulent. It’s almost like in this case, THOW could stand for treehouse on wheels instead of tiny house on wheels. Other sustainable features include magnesium oxide drywall and insulation made from Oregon wool.

The home’s build-out isn’t quite complete, but it has the start of a cozy interior. On the ground floor, 323 square feet is lit by large windows, skylights, and antique portholes. At the front, the bay window is lined by an angular bench. Up top, 200 square feet of space split between two lofts provide storage or a place to sleep. It’s all topped by a rounded, exposed-beam roof, adding to the “boat” part of its name.

While many essentials would have to be added in, it does have water hookups to make the whole thing go easier.

Seller Stephanie Manzo told Curbed Seattle that the project “has been a labor of love with so many wonderful community members involved,” and shared pictures of the home’s barn-raising-like construction, which also gives a peek at the home’s structure.

Hitch up this home’s 34-foot trailer for $120,000.