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Fairy tale Tudor by Thorndyke Park listed for $1.24 million

Leaded glass and a timbered loft

Courtesy of Windermere | All other photos: Vista Estate Imaging

Between the woodsy setting, its whimsical stone exterior, and the rounded steps of its front path, this home nestled up by Thorndyke Park in Magnolia looks like something out of a storybook. Sure, it was built in 1947, about 20 years after Seattle’s Tudor building boom in the 1920s, but that just makes it stand out from the pack—adding some extra nooks, crannies, and points of architectural interest that aren’t too common in similar homes, combining Tudor hallmarks with a cabin-in-the-woods aesthetic.

Even on approach, it’s hard to miss some of the details, like leaded-glass windows—including some lining bay windows tucked under gables above. The cobblestones that line the lower floors were salvaged from an even earlier point in Seattle history.

Inside, the home opens up to a massive, timber-framed cathedral ceiling, with more cobblestones making up a fireplace stretching up to a loft lined by a railing.

Massive leaded-glass windows, with exposed-wood frames, have a wide square pattern, bringing in views of both the front and back yards.

Back in the kitchen and dining room, the leaded-glass pattern switches to diamond, matching the glass in the cabinets.

Also on the ground floor, one of the bedrooms features a wide window that opens to the front porch, lined by built-ins.

Head back to the living room and climb the stairs to the loft to reach the second floor, where two more bedrooms are tucked up in the roofline.

In one, a gable creates a cozy reading nook. In the other—a master with an ensuite bath—a second set of windows stacks up in the ceiling’s peak.

The home’s basement is partially unfinished, but the cobblestone fireplace extends down here for a potential anchor to a family room.

Out back, a large, tree-lined backyard makes room for pockets of bushes.

The home is listed for $1.24 million.